After Hours Album Review


Lillie Abramowicz, Reporter

On March 20th, The Weeknd released a 14-song album After Hours, his first studio album since Starboy (2016) and EP My Dear Melancholy (2018). The infamous rapper had many hit songs cycle through the media since the climax of his career in 2016. 

 The album has several hit songs since the release including “Blinding Lights” and “After Hours.” The songs have electronic melodies and smooth beats, which makes the songs very catchy. Each song differs from each other and no two songs are similar. The Weeknd also released different versions of After Hours, including an original album and deluxe album with three bonus tracks called “Nothing Compares,” “Missed You,” and “Final Lullaby.” 

The album has reached the Top 100 Billboard for several weeks in a row and has appealed to nearly all audiences and listeners from The Weeknd, offering a clean version for younger listeners. Listeners still are streaming “After Hours” months later in May and will continue to stream this monumental album in the future as well.