Construction Hampers Fall Sports Season

Samantha Autencio and Lauren Kang, Reporters

As the buzz and clangs of construction continue throughout the day, fall sports teams work to overcome the new dilemma: losing the home field advantage for the season.

 The football, field hockey and both soccer fields have been affected by the construction for the new school building. Constructions crews are building a stadium with artifical turf where the old football field used to be.

 “The new stadium will be larger and accommodate lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, track and football because of the [artifical] turf field,” said Principle Marcino.

 Athletes are excited about the reconstruction.

“Because of the new turf field, I won’t have to walk all the way to the lacrosse field for practice so I’m pretty excited about that,” said sophomore Nick Lafever.

A large mound of dirt currently resides on the field that the boys’ soccer team usually plays. The team is using Spera Field for all their practices and home games. Although the team is adjusting, a few traditions have been sacrificed for the move.

Senior captain Marco Roberto said, “Now freshman don’t have to walk the gear and the water jugs down to the soccer field, which before construction was pretty far.”

The new field will have a bigger track with eight lanes, a turf field, new bleachers, which have already been put in, and a new location for the press box. The press box has been moved to the other side making the home side opposite to where it used to be.

“The actual field itself has been turned slightly, although you may not notice the difference,” said Mr. Macrino.

The girls’ soccer team has also moved to Spera Field for all their practices and home games.  The football team now utilizes what was once the girls’ field for training, as the football practice field is currently a parking lot. Like the boys’ team, the girls’ soccer teams have had to give up some traditions. 

“We can’t sit in the hallways in front of our locker rooms anymore before games.” said senior captain Jaclyn Greenman.

The field hockey team has worked to adapt to itsnew shifted field. The fence alongside the old soccer field had been moved forward a few feet, hence the change for the field’s position.

“The condition of the field has deteriorated. Now, we are playing on part of the baseball field, which, unfortunately, changes how we have to play the game,” senior captain Kierstyn Smith said.

Although it is difficult to maneuver the team around the hazardous equipment, the team is doing the best it can to ensure a successful season.

The most notable change is the lack of a football field. Currently, the football team has relocated to the girls’ soccer field for practices, and playsall of its games on the road.

Coach Ellis said, “So far, it has not been an issue. It is not under our control so we don’t worry about it. We just take care of what we can control.”

It has been a bigger hassle than previous years navigating the equipment and the team down the practice area.   The senior especialy are disappointed with the slow process of the turf field.

“It’s our senior year and the one thing we love doing is going out on Friday nights and playing in front of our home crowd,” said senior Devon Lee.

Despite the turf being installed, the area around the field is not ready or safe, according to town officials.  The annual Thanksgiving Day game against the Vikings will be played at East Lyme.