WHS Hosts First ECC Summit

©Robert Benson

Kate Porter, Reporter

In September, Waterford High School hosted the first Eastern Connecticut Conference Summit in the Library Media Center.

Four student representatives and one adult chaperone from each ECC school attended, meeting to create new ideas ECC students can do together that are not sports-based.

This idea sprouted when ECC administrators got together and asked, “What do we want the ECC to be about?” They came to the conclusion that “we want it to be about more than just sports”.Administrators also decided they wanted students to have a strong voice in what ECC does outside of sports.  

We are trying to get the students a voice in what we do,” Ms. Moger, assistant principal, stated. “Anyone who wants to get involved, we want to find a way to get them involved”.

Each school’s class council  chose one student from each grade to attend the summit and one adult to chaperone them. At the summit, the students talked and decided together what they would like to see occurring in the ECC. The goal of this summit is to take some focus away from athletics and put more on students’ other talents, as there are many of them.

Some ideas have already sprouted. For art students, there can be a traveling art show where students can see work from other schools, and for music lovers, there can be a coffeehouse where musicians can perform in front of each other.

Currently, schools are working on making a short, two-minute movie contest to promote kindness. Each ECC school had the opportunity to submit movie projects to Envision Kindness’ contest. The top three videos will win monetary prizes. Our school’s entry can be seen and voted for here: https://review.wizehive.com/voting/ekfilmcontest .

Also, all of the schools will get together, with each school making a different letter with their school colors to say ‘Thank You to our Veterans’ for Veteran’s Day. A faculty dressed down day raised money to help with this project.

More opportunities will be coming soon. For more information, please contact Mrs. Baumgartner ([email protected]) or Ms. Moger ([email protected])