How Music Affects Mood

How Music Affects Mood

Kate Porter, Reporter

People listen to music for all different reasons: for concentration, entertainment, or relaxation.

Music is important for regulating emotional state. It can impact focus and the overall way a person feels. Different music genres have a different effect on mood and emotion in a person and can make or break their mood. A person’s taste in music can often reflect these emotions and how their mind works. Every person has a different type of music that they prefer to listen to on the daily. However, it is important to listen to a variety of genres to help when different emotions come into play.

Now, the question is, what type of music affects which emotions?

Blues: If you are overcome with nerves and anxiety, listen to the blues. The rhythm can help ease anxiety by slowing down your heart rate and calm you down.

Rock/Punk: If you enjoy this music style, then rock and punk music can give you adrenaline and an energy boost. The energetic style can really boost your mood if you allow it to.

Reggae: Reggae is one of the music genres that can organically chill you out. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed and angry, listen to reggae. The rhythm of the music will calm you down and bring your heart rate at ease.

Top 40 Mainstream: The predictable beats and lyrics of mainstream pop music will keep your heart rate and breathing at a steady, consistent rate. It’s helpful to listen to when working out.

Rap and Hip Hop: Depending on the lyrics, tempo and overall message of the song, this genre can alter your mood in different ways. For some people, rap music promotes anger, while for others, it relaxes them.

Country: Although popular among teenagers, country music is one of the genres that does not promote happy feelings. Country music has actually been linked to depression, so if you’re already feeling down, perhaps country isn’t the way to go.

Classical: This genre has been associated with increases in brain activity as well as an effective way to stay asleep at night. Classical style can both uplift and calm you down, so it is good for anytime of day.

Whenever the next time you are listening to music is, try to pay attention to how you are feeling. How were you feeling before? How are you feeling while listening to this type of music? See what types of music affect your mood so that you can be in more control of your emotions. Music can be a hobby or a way to pass time, but it can also be a way for you to change your emotions and your life.