WHS Spring Sports


Murphy Ryan

While Bath and Body Works welcomes their spring signature scents and stores are swarming with pastels, WHS welcomes spring sports!! Outdoor track, tennis, baseball, and softball are here for the season! Better yet, all students are coming back to school, and without a doubt, this spring will be an emotional and heartwarming “welcome back.” 

Seniors on the outdoor track team this year are Lillie Abramowicz, Sarah Johnson, Alicia Sanders, Erik Carlson, Sean Corman, Sam Menders, Chris Hightower, Jack Lange, Jenna Morrin, Orrin Pierce, Amanda Palmer, RJ Foren, Ethan Rowe, Pedro Miranda, and Nicole Fuentes. Alicia Sanders says, “This is one of the biggest senior groups we have had in a while, and we are so fortunate to have everyone coming back in a week.”  Sean Corman explained the guidelines that the team needs to follow in order to have a successful season. He exclaims, “We need to stretch with masks on and sit at a distance. A lot of kids choose to wear masks for group runs but for someone like me who usually runs by myself, I get to take mine off.” While this year will look different on the track, the team is ready to work hard and lift each other up!

Tennis team seniors include Jennifer Leblanc, Nidhi Somenini, Nitya Somenini, and Alli Silva. Alli outlined the guidelines her team needs to follow, as she will need to implement them herself as captain this year: “We need to wear masks whenever we are off the courts. However, when we are playing, we’re not allowed to wear them and the coaches have to be wearing them at all times.” Just like the track team, Covid is not the main focus, and this is something really special. All graduating seniors can enjoy their last time here at WHS with everyone back in school! With determination, anything is possible!

Golf is here! Seniors include Gary Campbell, Jackson DePerry, Nicholas Hynes, Joe Morgan and Nikolas Zingus. For this sport, masks need to be worn unless on range far enough apart. Varsity plays 5 days a week and other 14 rotate 3-4 days a week.

Softball girls are thrilled to be the first to use their new field this year, the seniors of spring 2021 include Angela Colonis, Brynn Holmes, Kyleigh Pinnel, and Emma Beardsley. Kyleigh Pinnel says, “We wear our masks unless we are a good distance away from another person. There’s also red marks on the dugout to show us where we can stand in order to maintain proper distancing.” Many of these girls have dedicated their time and childhoods to this sport. They will be the first group to play on the new field. Emma Beardsley says, “I’m so happy to be back with the team again.”

Perhaps the sport the town may be most excited about for this spring is baseball. Connor Podeszwa, Daniel Driscoll, Conner Rowe, Ryan Salvador, Will Rocchetti, and Logan Avin are back and ready to play their last season as seniors of WHS. Connor Podeszwa mentions, “Some of the guidelines are that we have to wear masks in the dugout and in huddles, but we are free to play without them. Catchers and umpires are supposed to wear masks at all times.” Baseball, along with the other sports this year, can be watched by families outside and will be live-streamed. 

Lancer Nation is coming back better than ever for Spring of 2021!