Fioravanti wins RTM Position for Town of Waterford

Connor Elci

Tim Fioravanti, Waterford resident and music teacher for over 27 years, has recently been elected to represent district three for the RTM position. He will share the role with seven other elected officials from the Democratic and Republic Parties. The role of the RTM (Representative Town Meeting) is to provide insight from different perspectives in Waterford and bring them to help decide on town issues. Fioravanti will help represent District Three, which is the Oswegatchie region.  Out of the seven positions in District Three, Fioravanti is one of two Democrats.

Fioravanti is excited to be a member of the town’s local government.  Fioravanti’s main goal is “to make Waterford a wonderful place to live and learn.” As an educator, Fioravanti “believes a focus on education is key to a higher quality of life for our residents.” 


As an active member of the community, Fioravanti is excited for this new role. He is also a department chair, which involves working on addressing school climate, programming, and discipline issues. He is also affiliated with Connecticut Arts Administrators Association (CAAA), LEARN Regional Arts Council, and National and Connecticut Music Educators Association. Fioravanti was  sworn in November 19th along with all other elected officials.