The Lancelot

The Story of Dobo

The Story of Dobo

November 26, 2019

Will New Teacher Bring New Stability?

Kylie Hopkins

September 30, 2019

Students in the Class of 2020 who started French in the sixth grade have had eight teachers: a gym teacher, two retirees, an Algerian native, a middle school teacher turned French florist, another middle school teacher, a transf...

Meet Mrs. Moger

Alicia Labrecque

December 8, 2014

Many people have seen her in the hallways and most likely know her name is Mrs. Moger, but do you know her? Mrs. Moger grew up on the other side of the state. She has always been very involved in volunteering and working with...

The Beginning of a New Era

The Beginning of a New Era

September 12, 2013

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