Mr. Gambles Staff Profile


John Gomes, Editor

There have been a lot of good teachers here at WHS. Many have taught the students here to remember their teachings and learning experiences. But many remember what type of people they were and not just how great of their teachings but how great of a mentor they can be to so many students learning about life outside of school as well. Mr. Gamble had talked about his lifestyle as a history teacher and the wrestling coach at WHS. 


Chris Gamble has been teaching at Waterford High School for 26 years: “Many things have changed here since 1996. Maybe the biggest change has been the school itself. I can’t remember exactly but I think we moved into the “new” school in 2013. The old school was not the best looking school, but it did have character. I remember the seniors who had to move midyear were not happy with the change.  And another big change has been the introduction of the cell phone in school.” Teaching was not his first profession. He explained “While in high school I was interested in two careers. Law enforcement and teaching. I went to college and majored in finance with the goal of becoming a federal law enforcement officer. A year or two after college graduation I was hired to serve in a local police department. I served in that role for just over two years and then made the decision to go back to school to get my teacher certification. That’s what I did and here I am.”


Mr. Gamble wanted to teach here because he said “I had a friend that worked at WHS and he was able to help me get a student teaching position here. Things fell into place and I was hired as a history teacher after completing my student teaching position.” 

Mr. Gamble has been part of WHS wrestling for his whole career. Several years ago he made his wrestling teams state champs in 2005 and in 2009. Mr. Gamble says “This is my 22nd year as the head coach. I have coached wrestling for a total of 27 years.”I started wrestling at the age of 5 in Ledyard. My older brother was part of the youth wrestling team and after watching him do it, I had to join. I grew up both wrestling and watching the sport. I have participated in many sports and I truly believe athletics can play a positive role in the development of a young person. And wrestling specifically has the potential to make a difference in an athlete’s life.” 


Mr. Gamble said “Making connections with students is definitely the most important and best part of the job. My hope is that I can help a student in some way, so they can become a better student, athlete, and most importantly a better person.” One student named Drayven Silveira talked about how great of a coach he is saying “He is definitely one of the best if not the best coach I’ve had for any sport I play or played. He is very disciplined with the way he teaches about wrestling and how to understand the sport and be really physical playing it as well.” In Mr. Gamble’s younger years when he was going to school he said “I had an older brother and sister that were very good students, so they set a good example and high standard for me. I liked school and was disciplined when it came to academics. For my hard work I was voted “Most Studious” – to this day I am not sure how I feel about that.” Between teaching and coaching, it’s a wonder if he really has any time. He explained, “I don’t have a ton of spare time. But I am the Social Studies department chairperson and I have a small landscaping business. So there is not a great deal of time to do much, but when I do have time I enjoy exercising, reading, and watching movies with my family.”


Mr. Gamble is a great teacher who loves every position and every job he does to make everyone else around him better including the students he teaches in a classroom or in a sport to succeed and follow their own path.