Untraditional Internships Guide Students Careers

Untraditional Internships Guide Students Careers

Angelo Granell, Reporter

In the past, the Senior Internship class has proved to be beneficial to students. It gives them the opportunity to make real-life contacts in a field they are interested in and jumpstart in their career.

Traditionally, most students choose to intern at local schools, in medical and hospital offices, and the police station. However, some students took a more unorthodox approach.

Senior Becca Spera interns at a local tattoo shop, New London Ink, which alumni Jon Rivera owns. Spera plans on pursuing a career as a tattoo artist.

“I watch the artists tattoo and draw, I work on my own art. I also clean up the shop and sanitize the equipment,” said Spera.

When students intern somewhere where they would like to work, it helps them make plans for the future.

“It has not changed my mind about wanting to be a tattoo artist, but it made me realize how a shop is run,” said Spera.

Senior Asem Majzoub interns with a surgeon at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital. However, Majzoub does not plan to become a surgeon.

“I am working to become a dentist,” said Majzoub.

Majzoub stands right next to the surgeon during operations. He was told that he would be helping patients before surgery, and not be in the room. This unexpected surprise opened Majzoub’s eyes.

“It changed everything. Interning at the hospital got me interested in surgeons and their jobs. Being in this position as a student and seeing all these different surgeries makes me realize that the medical field will not be easy because you are cutting a human that is alive,” said Majzoub.