Senior advice for freshman year

Senior advice for freshman year

Taylor Houggy, Reporter


To many freshmen, senior year can seem a lifetime away. However, the current seniors of can attest that those four years fly by faster than they ever thought possible.

With the looming thought of college and real-life responsibilities hanging in front of their heads, many 2017 graduates want nothing more than to turn back time and give their younger selves advice.

I have decided to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on my high school experience while hopefully sharing some advice that can help the younger classes make the best out of their time here.

1.Branch Out

I remember so vividly stepping into a sea of strangers on my first day of freshman year. (See current freshmen experiences here.) It was horrifying; all I could think of was how much I stuck out. This feeling stayed with me the majority of my freshman year, as I tried to figure out where I fit in, who my real friends were, and who I wanted to be.

I’ve come to find out that most upperclassmen felt the same way during their freshman year. The first year of high school is all about finding your niche; what you like to do and the people you like to be around. Many people look back and wish that they had tried out more clubs and activities in their early years of high school. My advice: go for it while you still can.

2. Be Real

There is a lot of pressure to change the way you are as you enter a new school filled with all sorts of different trends and definitions of popularity. Maybe your interests don’t match up with what’s currently “in”.

However, none of the fads that many people obsess over now will have any relevance in a year’s time. My advice: ignore them. High school is a place where people grow and change, but it’s important to make sure that you’re making these changes for you.

3. Ask Questions

It’s easy for upperclassmen to forget what it was like to be a terrified newbie who didn’t know up from down in terms of how our school works. Whether it be finding your locker or if you just wanted to know what the homework was, don’t be afraid to ask teachers and older friends for help.

I’ll admit, as a freshman, I found it pretty embarrassing to go up to someone and ask how to get somewhere, but at the end of the day, I found that many people were happy to help me adjust. My advice: ask question and for the help you need.

4. Don’t Slack

I went through my freshman year with the same carefree attitude I had in middle school, meaning I spent more time focused on the social aspect of school than the academic. I ended the year with decent grades, but looking back, I wish I could’ve smacked myself and said “Work harder!”.

While it is important to focus on yourself and your friends, don’t let yourself forget the main reason why you are here: to learn. My advice: Learn now how to balance school and social life. It will help you later if you learn how to do it now.

5. Enjoy it While it Lasts

I know it seems like you can’t wait for your time as a freshman to come to an end. Believe me, when it comes time to start your senior year, you will want nothing more than to go back to the times when all you had to worry about was finding out who you are. My advice: enjoy the early years while you still have them; make lots of friends, try different clubs, and work hard in school because soon it will all be a memory, and you want that memory to be as amazing as possible.