Freshmen find way to cope with first week jitters

Freshmen find way to cope with first week jitters

Diana Rice, Reporter


Sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, nervous stomach. Everyone experiences these feelings. For high school freshmen, these feelings can come with the new school year beginning.

Freshman Matthew Olbrys said “I felt a little nervous because I didn’t know where things were, but it’s getting easier. I just don’t think about the anxiety.”

Freshman Evan Matos said that he “was scared of everyone, especially the seniors” and he for the first few days, he was nervous. However, Matos is not anxious anymore.

Freshman Jared Linder was scared at first, but he realized “everyone else also feels the same way.” Finding his classes was easy, and Linder isn’t nervous anymore. He added that he likes it here because he can see his friends and get his work done.

Everyone can feel anxiety, especially the first day jitters. That’s what makes us all similar, shown in this piece by senior Taylor Houggy.