Interview 2 New Staff Members of WHS


Marquis Brisbane, Reporter

This year at WHS we have a number of new staff workers. If you come into the school through the second floor office, you have met Alissa Malhoit, Mrs. Pezzello’s replacement. Some new paraprofessionals  working with Mrs.Lineburg such as Chris Ryan. I decided to interview them because they both are in a new environment and lifestyle, so I just thought it would be a great opportunity to see how their new careers are going so far.

Ms.Alissa Malhoit is the new secretary at Waterford High School. She went to WHS in the year of 2011-2012. Before working at WHS she was an administrator at Millstone, and she decided she wanted a change so she ended up a WHS. She says   “It has been a good first year so far.” Did COVID-19 affect her position? No, she didn’t, she said confidently, “if anything it just made me work even more. She loves working at Waterford High School. “There are no struggles working here,” she says. Ms.Malhoit comes into work on Wednesday, even  though students aren’t in the building.  She feels very comfortable working here.When asked what is her favorite part of the day, “Working with Mr.Samuelson,” she said while laughing.

Chris Ryan in a new paraprofessional at Waterford High School. He spends the majority of the day helping  Mrs.Lineburg and the students in her class. He also graduated from Waterford High School in the year of 1976. He feels really good about being here,  but he hasn’t been at Waterford High school for years, so he is not used to the new building.  Mr.Ryan feels apprehensive about working during the pandemic but positive. But he wants to work here to help students. Did COVID-19 affect his position? He says, Yes, it did affect his position because before he was a carpenter and in the trades but now he is working at Waterford High School as a paraprofessional. He says he enjoys working here. Mr.Ryan has a common struggle, which is learning the technology. He stays home on Wednesdays,  but he has to use Zoom with his students. Mr.Ryan says the best part of the day is saying, “Good Morning” to people and seeing them.