Dr. Dumin Profile

Among the chaos of adjusting to hybrid learning, Waterford High welcomes a new member of staff. Dr. Dumin worked for Pfizer for 11 years and at Biotech in Cambridge, Massachusetts, working in medical communications. Despite the success at these facilities, she did not feel the most comfortable with the inconsistent workload. “I decided I was always teaching anyways, and this (teaching), could be a better path to pursue,” says Dumin. Now living in Waterford, she has been teaching for four and a half years, starting at Clark Lane Middle School. Dr. Dumin reports on her experience at WHS, where she teaches all levels of biology. 

Dumin is also looking forward to attending Waterford High’s sporting events, production, or any other events put on by the school. “I look forward to seeing my former students, being able to catch up with them a little,” says Dumin.

Dumin has  often experimented with different styles of teaching. Emphasizing the difficulty everyone must be facing with the hybrid style, she reports, “I’ve been trying different things. Some students like demonstrations, some prefer video clips, some find my crazy lab stories entertaining.” Staying engaged with an in-person class and students at home, she says, “I try to make contact with most of the students on the screen at the beginning of class and check in at other points.” Dr. Dumin has also experienced a significant level of difficulty with planning lessons. “Trying to give everyone an opportunity to do something hands-on and not have it consume the whole class for a week or longer is the biggest challenge.” However Dumin reports to be extremely excited about her new position and is already enjoying it. When asked about one of her favorite parts about WHS so far, she enthusiastically replies, “That’s easy, my co-workers. Everyone has been very welcoming, collaborative and a lot of fun.”