Big Fish Review

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This heartwarming story of an estranged father and son rebuilding their relationship on the father’s deathbed is a must-watch. Big Fish is directed by Tim Burton and combines an offbeat sense of humor with fantastical storytelling, leading to a very pleasant watch. The movie follows Edward Bloom, portrayed by Ewan McGregor (young Ed) and Albert Finney (old Ed), and visualizes the stories he told his son, Will Bloom, as he was growing up. The cause of this disconnect between these two men stems from the hyperbolic nature of these stories, where Ed would often lie or exaggerate. This tendency to exaggerate and tell incredible stories led to Ed being loved by the community, but Will lost trust in him. When Ed falls ill and begins to tell stories of giants, witches, and werewolves, Will is angered that he can never be truthful to him. However, through these stories, they reconnect leading to a beautiful ending. The movie is funny and emotional, and I recommend you give it a watch if that interests you.