December Horoscope


Phi Kasem-Beg


It’s your season, Sagittarius! December 1st brings joy as Mercury rotates out of retrograde and into Scorpio, which may make your life more laid back following the holidays. Take the opportunity to self-search this month, and take time to analyze your dreams as they may hold deeper meanings during Sagittarius season. The new moon in your sign arrives on December 7th. New moons represent a clean slate, but they can be anxiety-inducing due to new changes, so make sure to keep cool this December.


As Mercury rotates out of Sagittarius to Scorpio, this brings new changes in your social life, Capricorn. Community is an important aspect of one’s’ life, and it’s time to take the opportunity to reach outside your comfort zone and make new friends. Venus enters Scorpio on December 2nd after an autumn of retrogrades, bringing you friendship and opportunities to network and build community. There will be less communication barriers as Mercury comes out of retrograde on December 6th.


This may be the best time of year for you, Aquarius! Due to the upcoming holiday season, you’re able to socialize and share ideas with others. This is a great opportunity to reach outside of your typical social-scene and join clubs or groups that share your values. Mercury is in retrograde for you, Aquarius, causing miscommunications and delays to occur. Be extra careful what you put out into the world and post on social media, as your comments and opinions may cause conflict with others.


This is a very busy time of the year, Pisces. To make things more complicated, Mercury enters retrograde in Scorpio, a fellow water sign. Make sure to work harder in school as the holiday break approaches, even though you may not want to put in your best effort. On December 2, Venus enters Scorpio after a long autumn of retrogrades, bringing up deep, philosophical conversations in your partnerships, but don’t forget that Mercury will still be retrograde at this time. Make sure to think things through before acting upon your emotions.


Sagittarius season means adventure for you, Aries! Due to Mercury being in retrograde, however, this may cause several bumps in the road, miscommunications, and delays. Mercury moves backwards from Sagittarius to Scorpio on December 1st, which brings awareness to your fears of the future and the unknown. Try not to become stuck during this time. Mercury in Scorpio wants you to escape the things that have paralyzed you emotionally, even if it might feel scary to revisit your past troubles.


The sun in Sagittarius brings change in your life, Taurus. This season is all about opening up to new experiences, yet this may be difficult due to your recurrent fears of change and the unknown. This season is a perfect time to connect with old friends and loved ones as you process these new changes in your life. These changes may involve school, work, or even a change in friendships. When Mercury moves into retrograde in Scorpio, you are going to find yourself going back to old friends and strengthening ties.


The energy shifts on December 1, Gemini, when Mercury backs out of Sagittarius and enters Scorpio, making communicating with your friends less annoying, but planning social events more aggravating. Take time to schedule social interactions and events after Mercury leaves retrograde, as you will have more opportunity for freedom during this time. Pleasant energy will flow in your day-to-day life thanks to Venus entering Scorpio on December 2nd. Take time for self-care!


This is a very busy time of year for you, Cancer, as the sun lights up the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals. Thanks to Mercury retrograde, a lot of rescheduling has taken place, which gives you more room to breathe and relax. Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on December 12th, which will straighten out your daily routine and make many aspects of your life less hectic.


This is a very fun time of year for you, Leo! The sun lights of the sectors of your sign ruling social interactions, parties, and friendships, which are areas you are most concerned with. Mercury will enter Scorpio on the 1st, which may cause you to reconnect with long lost friends, people from your early childhood, and family members as the Holidays approach. This month will be a nostalgic and emotional time for you, so make sure to set aside time for self-reflection and care.


The sun is shining in the home and family sector of your chart, Virgo, which comes in perfect time for the holiday season! As family members and friends reconnect and celebrate the holidays, make sure to take time for your own self care. On December 1st, Mercury enters Scorpio, rehashing a conversation or idea that needs revisiting. Mercury is your ruling planet, so these retrogrades are especially annoying for you. Mercury in Scorpio is overloading you with missed and mixed messages, so take extra care to not gloss over any details regarding your social life.


Sagittarius season finds you running around your neighborhood, creating new friendships, and sharing ideas. Mercury in retrograde may fill you life with many miscommunications, however. This period will end on the 7th as the new moon in Sagittarius arrives, bringing a fresh start for communication in your life. The new moon may have you finding it difficult to get work accomplished and the excessive need to daydream. Make sure to take a day off on the weekends for yourself, since self-reflection during times of change is necessary for personal growth.


During this month, Scorpio, Mercury enters retrograde in your sign. Since miscommunications and delays are common during times of retrograde, make sure to avoid conflicts, arguments, and confrontations, since your words may be interpreted a different way than they were meant to mean. This month is a very busy time for you, Scorpio. Take time to think out the pros and cons of social events, as different situations may be emotionally taxing whilst others may improve your mood.