Sweet Things Abound for Student-Owned Business


Lauren Kang, Reporter

For senior Holly Leal and sophomore Carley Peltier, taking culinary was not just an elective to fill in the required credits for each year. It was for something that they love and have a passion for, and it has opened doors to something more.

Leal has been taking culinary since her freshmen year, taking Intro to Culinary her freshmen year, Pro Start 1 her sophomore year, and Pro Start 2 her junior year and is currently enrolled in Bake Shoppe.

Peltier took Intro to Culinary her freshmen year, and is currently taking Pro Start 1 and plans to take Pro Start 2 and Bake Shoppe during her junior year.

These two ladies have been creating desserts for their families dinners for years and decided one day that they would start a business with what they both loved to do. Thus,they created  H.C. Buttercream, which has been around for about two years.

“The name comes from our first initials and our signature buttercream frosting” said Leal.

Leal and Peltier usually work side by side in Peltier’s kitchen, bringing in their friend sophomore Griffin Beaney to help with special projects.

“We do all the baking at my house” said Peltier.

H.C. Buttercream has much to offer. “We make large cakes for birthdays, showers and other occasions as well as cupcakes, cake pops and many other desserts” said Leal.

Anyone can order by contacting them at [email protected] and they are more than willing to work with customers to accommodate their bakery needs.

People can also browse through their delicious creations by liking their Facebook page H.C. Buttercream.

Leal recommends their chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting and Peltier recommends their chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream and raspberry filling.

These girls are a great example of how having an idea and a passion for something can lead to great things.

Peltier hopes “that one day we will be the best bakery on the East Side.”