LGBT Rights Under Attack


Julia Reagan, Reporter

Even before the nationwide ruling that made same sex marriage is legal, there have been many people against the idea of same sex marriage and LGBT rights. Even though federal law now mandates same sex as legal, many citizens and politicians have declared war on the LGBT community.

In many states, people have been working at undoing all of the progress that has been made. There are over 100 bills out currently across the country that limit the rights of LGBT citizens. There are bills allowing denial of service to LGBT customers due to religious beliefs, allowing therapists to deny service, not allowing LGBT citizens to use the bathroom of the gender they identify as, and many others. 

Senior Dylan Vitale  said “I think that people are born with rights and should be able to enjoy those rights no matter their sexual orientation.”

Jason and David Benham, two brothers from such HGTV shows as Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother are some of the most avid supporters of these anti LGBT laws. Their new show Flip It Forward was cancelled by HGTV because of David Benham’s  public anti LGBT remarks and actions can be found here.These brothers, their supporters, and other anti LGBTs supporters have been preaching their agenda all over the country.  

Senior Ava Guthrie said, “This [discrimination] is unfair and does not make any sense. Our country has made so much progress and now they are going backwards on it.”

Through these protests, LGBT citizens are being portrayed as menaces against society. It has actually been said that the movement is “God versus Satan”, show that our country is not as far ahead in civil rights some Americans think we are.

Recently, First Lady, Michelle Obama spoke out against the anti LGBT movement, saying that it is in our hands to push forward for civil rights, and that all of the progress that has been made will be quickly undone if people do not exercise their right to vote when these bills come up.