Waterford High School’s Favorite Halloween Candy

Katie Welch, Reporter

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One of the sweetest aspects of the Halloween season is arguably the variety of candy that is in store for everyone. Anyone who has a sweet tooth will have trouble keeping their mouth from watering while reading about students from Waterford High School and their favorite Halloween candy.

Many students at WHS are looking to strike gold on halloween night with a widely familiar peanut butter and chocolate candy. Freshman Anthony Tonucci, Sophomore Olivia Pacheco, and Juniors Erin Patten and London Sylvia all collectively agreed that their favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Perhaps upperclassmen and underclassmen have more in common than everyone expected.

Junior Kaitlyn Morgan explained, “My favorite candy would have to be Twix, but I also love Hershey’s chocolate.” This falls in direct parallel with Sophomore George Hathaway, who also agreed that his favorite Halloween treat is a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

There are also some variations among the answers of individuals in the high school, however. Freshman Matthew Sanford decided that his favorite candy is skittles, and freshman Payton Sutman explained that his favorite candy is a Snickers bar. Additionally, sophomore Skylah Miller claims that one of her favorite trick or treat sweets are Cow Tales.

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