Voter Registration

Alexandra Cole, writer

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Voting is instrumental to the election of America’s political officials. Everyone over 18 years old has the opportunity to  vote in the local, state and presidential elections. Over the past 30 years, however, the people who routinely vote the most are older than 60. The youth’s opinion is not being included, which is partially a result of them not showing up to vote.


Youths should vote because their elders have different views on current issues. Youths are a large, important demographic in America but they do not vote.  Some students at Waterford High School recognize this issue. Chloe Wilson, senior and president of Girl Up, said, “the laws and actions officials who are elected this year will be influencing our lives longer than any other age demographic, so it is important that youth use their voice and have a say in their future.” The civics teachers at Waterford High School agree and encourage students to register to vote once they turn 18. For the past 13 years Mr. Arnold, a civics teacher at WHS, has held registration events for students after school who will be 18 by elections or already are 18.

Mr. Sherman, another civics teachers at WHS, stated, “most youths don’t understand the impact of not voting, which at this point in history is pretty profound.” He encourages issues that students care about locally to be posted in the school and find more ways to encourage voting. Mr Arnold agrees and said, “it is important to vote for the politicians that are supposed to represents you at the local and state levels.”

This Wednesday, October 10, there will be a voter registration drive in room 222 after school.  If you are going to be 18 by November 6th, you are encouraged to attend. If you can’t attend and need help registering, contact Mr. Arnold for help.

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