Pets are Pawesome!

Snowball (right) and Peppermint (left)


Snowball (right) and Peppermint (left)


Binx the cat (Katy Scullion)

Who doesn’t love pets? Almost everyone has some kind of pet, be it a fish or a cat or a dog, and the journalism class is no difference! These are some of the pets owned by members of our journalism class.


Penny is one of my own pets. She’s a shih tzu, but she never got bigger than 10 pounds. She has a huge personality and is very spoiled. She gets almost anything she wants when she wants it and even gets angry when she doesn’t go to bed on time.

Binx is another one of my pets. He is a black cat. He is named after Thackery Binx from the movie Hocus Pocus. He’s very lazy during the day, yet he still sleeps through the night. He’s very playful with our dog and they often play together. He is my brother’s

Snowball (right) and Peppermint (left) (Katy Scullion)

cat, and Binx absolutely loves him.


I also have two bunnies named Peppermint (grey and white) and Snowball. Peppermint has a huge personality and loves to explore, she never stops moving. Along with this, she also has a huge appetite. She will often steal food out of her sister’s mouth. She loves human interaction and will cuddle anyone who holds her. Snowball likes to sleep a lot, and she is often found sleeping in her cage. She doesn’t like human interaction as much, and unless its me, she doesn’t like being held.


Rosco!! (Murphy Ryan)

Murphy Ryan has an eight year old dog named Rosco. She claims “she is so sassy.” Rosco doesn’t listen to commands though she does know them. She is a very cute dog!


Paige Ferreira had shared 3 furry friends to share! The first she has to share is Je

Jerry the puppy (Paige Ferreira)

rry, a 10 year old dog! He likes rolling on his ball, sleeping, and causing trouble.



There are also her cats, Fuzzy and Checkers! Checkers is the younger of the

Fuzzy and Checkers (Paige Ferreira)

two, and a chubby cat who likes to steal all the food. Fuzzy is the older one, and very lovey!







Tara Smith shared two lovely pets, a dog and a cat! Her dogs name is

Cooper the Rescue Dog (Tara Smith)

Cooper, and he is very adorable! He was a rescue dog from Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue, and he enjoys hiking, getting to climb big rocks, running around outside, and bones. This adorable dog also always has one flopp

Alexander the Cat (Tara Smith)

y ear and one that always sticks up!

Her other pet, Alexander the cat, is also a rescue animal! He enjoys lounging in the sun, cat nip, and to be brushed.

Emma Schleck shared her two puppies Willa and Nemo. Willa is the older of the two, about 5 years old! She’s very loving and very pretty. Nemo is 4 years old, and she claims “he’s insane.”

Willa (right) and Nemo (left) (Emma Schleck)

All animals, big and small, are so lovable, and these furry friends are no different!