Morbius, Movie Review

Katherine Hawkins

Released in April of 2022, Jared Leto stars in the newest Marvel movie, Morbius. After a lifelong struggle against chronic illness, Dr. Michael Morbius, a renowned doctor, creates a daring experiment to combine human and bat DNA in hopes of curing his disease. Despite the successful experiment giving him super strength, speed, and even echolocation, Morbius must also feed off of blood to survive. As if his decision to feed off blood was too overwhelming, the renowned doctor’s best friend and adversary takes the “vampire” formula and transforms himself into the same creature that Morbius had become. 

The movie surrounds the idea that even family can be our downfall in order to do what is morally right. A romantic involvement is also found within the movie between Morbius and his right hand-doctor, Martine Bancroft. The movie received a 15% rotten tomatoes review however, not everyone who watched the movie was entertained. An alumni Waterford student, Mehroze Ahmad, stresses the importance that it was an “awful movie with no real depth” while current Waterford High Student, Pankhudi Prasad, had been “impressed with CGI” and relationships developed throughout the duration of the movie. 

In the end, it comes down to what you believe to be possible and not. Other marvel super heroes, like Iron Man, allow the idea that his metal suits could be real whereas in Morbius, being a human “vampire” may not be so convincing to the viewers. Despite this, I encourage you to open up Netflix and give this movie a try.