’23 Midterms Tips and Tricks


Katherine Hawkins

As midterms approach, students and teachers are finding it problematic to get into the academic mindset. Students, especially freshmen, are overwhelmed by this barrier and struggle to get back into the studying habit since Covid. There, however, are ways to aid in the success of each exam.  

First, students should schedule specific time blocks dedicated to each subject in order to study. These should be made a week or two in advance until the actual test day so students are not cramming information in a few days before exams. Second, if students are struggling with a specific class, they should go speak to the designated teacher in order to ask for more study guides or stay after school to go over units. Lastly, as much as success is key to each student and their academic career, remember to stay calm. Stressful exams are a normal part of a student’s life. If students feel stressed, they can take a walk, exercise, or listen to music. Including personal hobbies in between study sessions is a way to decrease stress that comes along with midterms and finals. 

Midterms take over the course of one week from January 19th to January 24th separated by one weekend. The first day of exams will start at our regular school day time of 1A at 7:25 until 9:25, followed by a 20 minute break, then to exam 3A until 11:45 am in which students will be able to eat lunch before returning home. This time schedule will repeat for the other three days of testing; however, the blocks will alternate days. The second day of testing on the 20th will consist of exam 1B and 3B. The third day on the 23rd will have exams 4A and 5A until the final day of exams on the 24th which will be 4B and 5B.