AP Crunch Time

Nicola Wiseman

The end of the year means winding down for many students. For others, it means the dreaded AP tests. Students spend the entire year preparing for these tests in their AP classes. If students score well enough on the exam, many colleges will give them course credits, saving the students both time and money.

Senior Marisa Boch says, ”It’s nice getting exempt from general education requirements in college, so you can take courses specific to your major.”

Waterford High offers many AP classes, including US History, English 11 and 12, and Chemistry. Most students take these classes during their Junior or Senior years. This year the AP tests will be held from May 5 through 9 and 12 through 16.

Senior Sanju Murdande advises other students to “start preparing a few months in advance.”

Stores like Books a Million offer a variety of test prep materials to help students for AP tests, as well as the SATs and ACTs.

“I think it’s a good to start prepare a few months before and not leave it to the last weeks or days,” says Junior Emily Pyka.

“I usually work on online questions for Calculus or Physics,” says Senior Alyssa Mathiowetz. Other methods of studying include flashcards, listening to recordings, and re-reading textbooks.

Students receive their scores in July and can submit them to colleges as part of the admissions process in order to qualify for credit.

Good luck to everyone in your AP exams!