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Reindeer Games

Nicola Wiseman

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The Friday before Christmas break, the students of Waterford High marched down to the Field House in their festive garb. It was another day to gather and celebrate not only the holidays, but also Lancer Nation.

Reindeer Games is a series of festive competitions between students which is held each year to wind down the end of the year and have a little fun.

“I think it’s cool to celebrate these things with the whole school,” said senior Sanjana Murdande.

“It was really great to watch people have fun and socialize. Plus, it was a good break,” agreed freshman Nathaniel Austin-Mathley

The event began with a performance by the Waterford High School Dance Club to Mariah Carey’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

“For a dance that we threw together in like a week and half, it turned out pretty good. We were really proud of the kick line. It looked a lot like the Rockettes,” remarked senior Kristen Hanner.

Competitions included a gift unwrapping race, a winter clothes relay, ball toss, and musical chairs.

Junior Connor Murphy supported the underclassmen: “David Hausman deserved to win musical chairs.” The final round was close, with seniors Grace Martino and Ahmad Majzoub sharing the chair.

Some students even offered improvements for future events.

“There should have been an ugliest sweater contest because everyone got all dressed up,” suggested sophomore Sasha Amodeo.

“I thought they could have used more reindeer,” joked freshman Nathaniel Rowe.

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