Summer Reading Now Optional

Matthew Patton

Summer reading has been a notable part of Waterford High for some time, but now it has been given a fresh twist. It is now optional. Summer reading is offered as an opportunity for extra credit, except for those students who are in honors-level courses.

When asked about what prompted this change, Mr. Collins explained, “We do summer reading for a couple of reasons. Studies show that students lose some reading skills over the summer, so we want them to keep their skills, and we want reading to be a regular part of something students do for enjoyment.”

Then why change?

“What ended up happening is that some students read and didl on the tests and found some books they enjoyed. However, there were also some students who tried to cheat or they didn’t read and they would start off the year with a bad grade and a bad taste for the class” said Mr. Collins.

Though this change has made summer reading optional, it is still strongly recommended to complete summer reading for the extra credit and to keep reading skills honed.

This change should be welcomed by the returning and new students for the 2014-2015 school year.