Job Opportunities with the Town

Connor Elci, Reporter

The Town of Waterford has various options for employment involving public works. One job accepts people only with a High School Diploma. This job mostly consists of Waterford Residents. The job title as maintainer is through the Town of Waterford Parks and Recreation department which is also connect to to Youth Services as well as public works. The main focus of a maintainer consist of making the town look nice. The responsibilities of a maintainer are to take care of town operated buildings. These buildings are for instance town hall, all the schools, the community center, and various small parks. At these properties maintainers mow lawns/fields, weed whack, and other miscellaneous physical acts involving the physical appearance agriculturally of these buildings.


Waterford High School Alumni Tommy Feliciano is a current Maintainer for the town. Feliciano was originally a seasonal employee but became a full time employee. Feliciano believes, “This is a first great experience into the working world. It feels great to make your home town look nice.” You can apply year round at the town hall as well as the community center.