Waterford High School’s First Lancer Showcase

Naty Bush

Waterford High School hosted a new event this year, called Lancer Showcase. The school was open to allow the community the opportunity to visit the new building and experience some of what the school has to offer. Throughout the evening, several events also took place in the auditorium: selections from WATERFORDrama’s upcoming spring musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie; selections from the Dance Club’s recent performance; and pieces performed by the Jazz Ensemble and the Chamber Choir.

“The Lancer Showcase was a great opportunity for our very talented WHS students to “show their stuff”. We are bursting at the seams with talent in this school and I am consistently impressed with what our kids have to offer and how dedicated they are with their passions. I’ll look forward to next year’s Lancer Showcase to be even bigger and better,” said Mrs Concascia.

Next month marks a full year of Waterford High students studying in the new building, but not many Waterford residents have had the chance to visit it. Anthony Jessuck’s son will be enrolling in WHS next year, and Lancer Showcase gave him the opportunity to see some of the classes.

“It was really nice to see the new school. It’s quite beautiful. The cafeteria was surprisingly small, but I like how they designed it,” Jessuck said. He took particular interest in the Marine Biology class, a popular class at the school.

James Angelopoulos, a sophomore at WHS, thought Lancer Showcase was both successful and exciting. “It gave parents and students alike a taste of what Lancer Nation is all about,” he explained. “And walking around the school like that is a welcome feeling, when the school turns from a workplace to a house of entertainment.”

Even the students had the chance to experience their school life in a new way. They had the chance to show the community what they do, as well as to watch a few performances by several clubs and groups.

The school faculty hopes to have the showcase again next year.