From Ledyard to Waterford: Security Monitors Make the Switch

Elijah Morosky, Best Reporter

Many of you may have seen him, either in the hallway or in the cafeteria, but few of you have met him. Dave Guiher, a former Ledyard police officer of 31 years, started working in Waterford Public Schools this year. Guiher is a third generation policeman and has nothing but pride for his occupation. He started work at Ledyard police department in his 20s, where he eventually became Master Sergeant, or the equivalent of Lieutenant today. After retiring from the Ledyard police department, Guiher worked as security for Backus hospital for nine years, eventually working his way up the ranks to become Director of Security. 


Guiher, 65, now finds himself in Waterford. He’s not yet ready to stop working: “I don’t know what I’d do with all that time otherwise,” he says. He moved to Waterford to be closer to his grandchildren. He knows Liz Smith, the well-loved security monitor, as well as Chris Gamble, who used to be a Ledyard cop himself. 


Guiher has nothing but praise for Waterford students and says he’s happy to be here: “I’ve worked at Ledyard for many years, and I can already tell that Waterford students seem to be more polite,” he says. He plans to continue working here part-time until he’s ready to retire completely. And since he enjoys the job so much, that might not be any time soon. 


Liz Smith is also a Ledyard transplant. She has been working here for 5 years. Previously, she was a school resource officer at Ledyard High. She says it was an adjustment coming to work here, but she enjoys it very much. She says the longer she’s worked here, the more connections she’s realized she has and the more friends she’s made. Liz, being a Ledyard resident, doesn’t want to talk down on her hometown, but alluded to her preference for Waterford. 

Both agree that Waterford is an incredible school to work at, and we’re all thankful for their work. Why do security monitors leave Ledyard to come here?  There is a chance that we’re better behaved.