Model UN

Jack Donovan

Are you a student interested in politics? If you’re not, maybe you’re interested in improving your public speaking skills. Perhaps you’re neither of those and you just want to join a club to get your parents off your back and maybe make some friends. If you find yourself fitting into any of these groups, the Model UN club may be the right place for you. Every Friday, this club meets together after school in the library, supervised by the legendary Mr. Cheney. During this time, the group of roughly 40 students get together and brainstorm ideas for the best part of the club: the conferences. In addition to the preparatory meetings, the club has a conference once a month. During these conferences, each student represents a separate country, prepares notes on the chosen topic, and debates on various solutions. The students, who are called delegates during the conference (like they’re modeling the UN or something) form various groups that have opposing solutions to the topic, and it’s up to the delegates to come to a conclusion that benefits the most countries and eventually passes a majority vote. Although the thought of researching complex topics and presenting in front of a relatively large group of students may seem daunting at first, the club members treat everyone with the utmost respect, and you have plenty of time to research each of these topics (an entire month!). Additionally you don’t even have to speak in front of everyone, and can talk in smaller groups in between the presentations. If none of these interest you, The conferences have snacks, which is a plus in anyone’s book. After reading this, if the Model UN club interests you, head on down to the library after school on Friday and join them, you’re always welcome.