An Act of Kindness: Thankful Students

Kayla Kelly

Between the hustle and bustle of stressful midterm tests, parents banned together in an act of kindness by providing a snack station with several options. During the 20-minute break between tests on Thursday, students were allowed to select two snacks to take off the tables to take back to their class or eat in the cafeteria. The tables were set up in the first-floor lobby and outside the second-floor main office with a vast selection of muffins, water, and chips were available.

The WHS students were appreciative of the nice surprise to help alleviate stress throughout the day as this was the first midterm since before the pandemic. Sophomore Aly Lewis said, “I think parents bringing these snacks was a very kind gesture and I’m really grateful, allowing students to have snacks before a test and socialize is a nice stress reliever.”

With midterms ending Tuesday, WHS students will definitely not forget this act of kindness and it most definitely made these tests more bearable for the students.