What to Watch This Halloween


Vampires vs The Bronx, available on Netflix

Emma Schleck and Katy Scullion

As in many cases this year, coronavirus has once again put a stop to the Halloween plans of many families. As it is recommended to stay inside this year in lieu of trick-or-treating, one great way to spend this upcoming spooky season is to pass time with movies. In the internet age, there really is no need to head to your local theater to see a flick. Here is a list of great movies across various platforms, along with their Tomato Ratings™, to try out as the countdown to Halloween begins!

Available on Netflix:

  • Vampires vs The Bronx (PG-13) 🍅 93%

Follow a group of teens as they band together to save their neighborhood from blood-thirsty zombies! This comedic story tackles both vampires and some real-life issues at the same time, and is fun for the whole family. This movie, though a little cliché at times, is engaging and heartwarming, giving a ripe taste of Bronx pride. 

  • #Alive (NR) 🍅 86%

The sequel to 2016’s Train to Busan, #Alive is a Korean zombie-filled thriller detailing one man’s fight to outlast the virus rampaging the city around him. Stuck alone in his apartment, he must fight to stay alive. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat, while also making some connections to the current predicament in the world, though with more zombies. 

  • The Babysitter (TVMA) 🍅 72%

This horror-comedy is a classic take on all the greatest tropes of teen Halloween flicks. When Cole finds out his babysitter belongs to a satanic cult, all hell breaks loose. This movie is fresh and exciting, mixing all of the best elements of a good teen flick.

  • Hubie Halloween (PG-13) 🍅 49%

In Adam Sandler’s take on the classic Halloween hero, he strikes gold with Hubie, the infamous protector of Salem, where he spends Halloween attempting to protect the citizens during the holiday, while simultaneously fighting to prove to the ridiculing town that he is not crying wolf. This movie is, despite the criticism, is funny and cute, with surprise appearances from a roster of all-stars. 

  •  The Addams Family (PG) 🍅 45%

This new animated take on the classic shenanigans of the Addams family breathes new life into the series. Follow the creepy, kooky, spooky family as they battle a TV personality whose attempts to sell all of the houses in the neighborhood put the family mansion at risk. Kids and parents alike will enjoy this movie, with just the right mix of family and fright. 

Available on Hulu

  • A Quiet Place (PG-13) 🍅 96%

This thriller will have your heart pounding without a word being said. In a world where silence brings monsters worse than the darkest of nightmares, a family must stay quiet to survive. Viewers might find themselves silent themselves as they watch this film, vividly scary and adrenaline boosting in its own right.

  • Ready or Not (R) 🍅 88%

Grace is happier than ever after marrying the love of her life. Too bad the in-laws have a little tradition of their own, one that Grace must participate in. For the next 24 hours, Grace must fight for her life. Wildly entertaining, this film borders on the ridiculous with finesse, but keeps the plot engaging and entertaining.

  • Beetlejuice (PG-13) 🍅 85%

Following a harrowing accident, Barbara and Adam are stuck in a bit of an otherworldly situation. Doomed to haunt their home in an attempt to scare off the newest homeowners, the couple turn to an unconventional professional for help. Funny and poignant, with well-developed characters, plot, and settings, this film is a personal all time favorite. 

  • The Shining (R) 🍅 84%

This horror classic is an absolute must watch this Halloween for people who haven’t seen it. Jack, a struggling writer, settles into a hotel as caretaker with his family for the winter season. As time passes, the hotel’s dark interior imprints on Jack’s mind, and wrecks hell on his family. For fans of classic horror, this is the movie for you, but for people looking for more modern elements, put this one on the back-burner.  

  • Halloween Town (PG) (Also available on Disney +) 🍅 80%

Follow Marnie on a magical adventure as she discovers she and the rest of her family come from a long line of powerful witches. Despite her mother’s wishes, Marnie and her siblings follow their grandmother to HalloweenTown, and discover something is going horribly wrong. One can never go wrong with this Halloween cult-classic. 

  • Monsters at Large (PG) 🍅 (NR)

In an effort to stop his little brother’s nightmares, Alex forms a monster fighting task-force. What can be harder than fighting off imaginary monsters? Well, real monsters for one! This film is more suitable for younger audiences, perfect for little siblings to enjoy!

Available on Amazon Prime:

  • The Cabin in the Woods (R) 🍅  92%

Five college buddies take a trip to a remote cabin for a weekend getaway, where they meet a dangerous fate. They must figure out why these horrors are happening, and fight for their lives. Meanwhile, not all is as it seems. Just watch this movie, it’s worth it. 

  • Hereditary (R)  🍅 89%

Praised by many since its release, Hereditary follows a grieving family following a loss of their matriarch. Strange and disturbing happenings occur, forcing the family into the secrets of a dark past. Can they escape it? A truly frightening movie, with a new reach on the horror genre. This movie has hype for good reason. 

  • Clue (PG) 🍅 65%

In this cult-classic on-screen adaptation of the beloved board game, six guests gather under mysterious circumstances. Who brought them together? How are they connected? And who keeps picking them off one by one? As another personal favorite, one can never go wrong with Clue. The OG whodunnit, with twists at every turn. 

  • Pet Sematary (NR) 🍅 58%

In this horror flick based on Steven King’s novel of the same name, furry friends are not friendly friends. When a doctor relocates with his family and discovers an eerie burial ground deep in the forest nearby his home with necromantic properties, his attempt to bring his son back from the grave leads to hair-raising events. You’ll never look at your pet the same after this crazy movie, but maybe that’s the way they want it . . .

  • The Amityville Horror (R)  🍅 23%

This remake of the 1979 original tells the true story of how a house with a bloody past wrought havoc on the newlywed family that moved in. With mixed reviews, some people find this film horrifying, while others find it dull. If you don’t mind some lulls in the pace of the film, then kick back and wait for all of the best moments. (It’s worth it). 

No matter which movies find their way onto the screen this Halloween, and no matter who watches them, keep safety in mind, and have a great holiday!