The Big Bad SAT

Cierra Reyes

The school year is half over and seniors are preparing for graduation while juniors are preparing for the college application process. A part of the extensive preparation for college applications is taking the infamous SATs. Some students believe that there is no way to prepare themselves for the SATs. To them, the test is a thing to fear. There are other students, however, who feel otherwise.

Junior Nisha Rajamohan has already begun her preparation for the SAT on May 3rd: “I have a one-on-one SAT Prep class that’s really going to help. It prepares me for what to expect and how to deal with the pressure.”

Rajamohan also has high expectations for the SAT. Her goal is a score no lower than 1800 (the average score is a 1500). Many students take the SAT at the end of their junior year as well as at the beginning of their senior year, giving themselves the chance for a higher score.

There are countless workbooks and classes that aid in preparation for the test, and it can be taken as many times as students would like.

Junior Kelly Neto is planning her SAT preparation. She says, “I’m taking a bunch of SAT prep tests, and I have a bunch of books on the SAT.”

SATs may seem scary and hard to study for; however, taking time to prepare may work wonders on your score.