Reaction to the SBAC

Cierra Reyes

The 2013-2014 school year has thrown a few curve balls at Waterford students, one of which is the SBAC. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is a new online assessment that is being test-run by the junior class. This test will replace the CAPT and is completed online.  The test will most likely be administered statewide during the 2014-2015. Juniors currently taking this test have many mixed emotions about it; however, they are thankful that it will not count this year.

Noel Carlson, junior, said, “The test was hard, in my opinion, so I was glad that it didn’t count for anything.”

This is a relief for this year’s juniors. Though, because the test doesn’t count for them, juniors found it hard to feel motivated towards the SBAC. The multiple sectioned test, which consisted of a Math and English portion, was taken online rather than on scantrons and lined paper, and included thorough reading.

Will Sherman, junior, said, “I’m glad that it helps out the test makers, but I wish we got something out of it.”

Overall, the juniors weren’t excited about taking SBAC, but they were happy that the test did not count, and that they were able to get out of class for a few hours.

Junior Patrick Linicus gave his outlook on the test, “It’s always fun to take a break from classes, but SBAC was difficult because we weren’t prepared, so the experience difficult for us.”