“A Truly Remarkable Class”

Alexandra Silva , Editor

Adjusting to high school can be difficult; however, administrators and teachers at WHS do their best to provide the students a smooth transition to the school by accommodating their difficulties. Mr. Samuelson, the vice principal for the freshman class, reports the students to be “a truly remarkable class.” The new students are said to be smart, on task, and overall prepared for their four years at Waterford High. Even Mrs. Poitras, freshmen science teacher states, “I feel like most kids are doing all their work to make a good impression.” Samuelson has not been surprised that the class is “giving of themselves, respectful, and faithful to their school and community.” The freshmen are reportedly working above and beyond expectations, and adjusting to the school well. 


Their adjustment was made significantly easier by the Clark Lane staff who equipped the students with tools to advocate for themselves. Jeff Chin, WHS freshman claims, “It was kind of hard to get around at first,” however, “teachers made it easier to get around.” Teachers and administrators made it a lot easier for freshman to understand where all their classes are located. “The teachers are all really helpful,” says Jordan Dunkerley, freshman at Waterford High. Helping the new high school class adjust to their academics was reportedly easier than previous years. Administrators including Samuelson says, “every year I usually touch base with middle school teachers, administrators, sometimes the parents.” Before the school year starts, administrators at WHS gather sufficient information would be helpful to the new classes. “Ms. Baumgartner and Mrs. White, our school counselor, really revamped the freshman orientation this year,” reports Samuelson. The orientation introduces incoming high schoolers to requirements including homework.There were numerous additions and changes made to the freshman orientation. Alexander Martinez, freshman, recalls that “the orientation was really helpful, I remembered where almost all my classes are.” 


As all high schoolers know, there is a major increase in homework throughout their four years as students. It is often difficult to complete all homework assigned in high school, but the new class of Waterford is trying their best to stay on top of it all. Kyle Palmer, freshman at WHS, says the homework load has“just been a lot more than middle school.” Homework quantities are reportedly much heavier than middle school, however it requires some adjusting. 

Samuelson reports that the new class are said to have “above average writing skills,” and are frequently asking questions. They’re extremely motivated and ready to learn each day. Throughout these first few weeks of high school, the freshmen are already productive. 

Samuelson also made a point to address the rumor that the new bathroom/hallway policies are due to the behavior of the new class. “That can’t be further from the truth. The policies were enforced due to last year’s high school classes, and last year’s graduating class, it definitely wasn’t because of the freshmen, it was just because the halls were very busy.”