Changes in the LTS Program

Jessica Cochran, Reporter

In this 2019-2020 school year, there have been some changes in the LTS program. This year the administration is going to use an online program where students can go and turn in LTS forms from their phones instead of turning it in by paper. 


There will be an app that students can download on their phones or computers to make the process easier. Students will put the same information into the system online as they did on the paper version, but the layout of the system online will look different. Principal Hauser mentioned that it “is easy for students to lose their LTS paperwork before they turn it in, whereas turning it in online will be a lot easier for the students and teachers.”


This app will show opportunities to get your LTS hours done, so students won’t have to go searching for volunteer jobs.  It will also send reminders for when a student will need to go to the volunteer job. Another feature this app has is that students will also be able to see exactly how many hours they have done so far and how many are still needed to fit the requirement, which is a problem among students with the paper version.


The forms will be sent to Mrs. Cairns, who is the LTS coordinator. Principal Hauser also cleared up the question of how we were going to get signatures from the supervisors by saying “Mrs. Cairns will be able to email the supervisor and they can confirm with her if that student did their volunteer work.”


If a student, for whatever reason, needs to turn in their LTS forms as the paper version instead of the online version, it will still be available. Whether that be because they don’t have access to technology or they already have all of the information written down on paper forms that they had already planned on turning in.

All of the requirements are still the same;

  • 80 hours of community service
  • Has to be a non-profit organization
  • Students cannot get paid
  • Has to be an active experience that measurably benefits another person, or the community
  • Students who do not complete the 80 hours will not graduate
  • Any exceptions will need pre-approval
  • Documentation will only be accepted for the current academic school year or the prior summer


There is one requirement that will be different for this year’s freshmen and incoming students for years to come. This extra requirement is called the “Capstone Project.” Principal Hauser explained that this project will focus on showing students how to “demonstrate skills” that they wouldn’t get from traditional LTS hours. There will be an independent research project for each student, with the help of a supporting teacher.


Students can get more information by contacting Mrs. Cairnes, at her email, [email protected], Mr. Hauser at his email [email protected], or by going to the Waterford High School website to click on “Our School,” look for the “Learning Through Services” button.