It’s Time To Get Outside During Quarantine


Harkness State Park

Jessica Cochran, Reporter

Even though you can’t go over to a friend’s house and have a karaoke night, or even go to that concert you have been looking forward to for months now because of the cancellations, there are still many fun places you can go and have a fun-filled adventure. As the weather is starting to get nicer as we get farther into spring, it’s time to get outdoors.

A nice place in Waterford is Harkness State Park. The fields at Harkness allow for plenty of room to throw a frisbee and walk the dog. So if you want to take a walk down by the water, this would be the perfect place to go!

Fort Trumbull in New London or Fort Griswold in Groton are two great places to just get out of the house and walk around for a little bit. It is a nice place to take in the sights of the forts and see the amazing views of the Thames River. 

If you are willing to go a bit farther to go outside and are ready for a challenge, East Haddam has two great places to go to. Devil’s Hopyard is an amazing place to spend an afternoon hiking. It is the perfect place to have fun, challenge yourself, and enjoy nature, especially the waterfalls that are along the trails. You can’t help but stop to take in all of the scenic views. There are four moderate trails at Devil’s Hopyard, ranging between 1.8-2.6 miles long. One of the main attractions is the Chapman Falls, dropping more than 60 feet, at the end of the white trail. Another of the main attractions is the Vista Point cliff, located at the end of the orange trail, where that drops 150-175 feet. Again, a bit farther from home, Gillette’s Castle is an awesome place to walk around and look at the beautiful views of the castle and the grounds. Although the castle itself is in Lyme, the park is in East Haddam.

Keep in mind that when you go, you still don’t want to get too close to anyone. If anyone else is there, remember to stay at least six feet away from them at all times. If you take your dog with you, don’t let other people pet your dog or even pet other people’s pets. It would be a good idea not to let your dog near other dogs as well. It is better to be safe than sorry.

This is a great time to take in all of the nature around us and enjoy ourselves. But, not only is it a good for us to get out of the house, it also makes for a great stress reliever. In fact, on the ScienceDaily website, it states that exposure to the outdoors reduces the risk of type II diabetes, heart attacks, stress, and high blood pressure. It is the perfect thing to do when you need to get your mind off of the world for a little while.