2020 Albums You Need to Listen to Now


Paige Ferreira, Reporter

Hayley Williams – Petals For Armor

The Paramore front woman released her long awaited solo-album earlier this year. Petals For Armor is an emotional and very experimental piece of art. The album is a stark difference from Paramore’s range of punk (from their earlier days) to their more pop centric albums. It gives a more fresh sound to Williams’ strong vocals. 

Sonically this album ranges from the more tropical sounds like ‘Dead Horse’ to the dramatic synths in ‘Creepin.’ With production including help by Paramore’s guitarist Taylor York, each song has its own unique sound. The album flows beautifully together in a story-like way. The production style melts seamlessly with overlaid vocals and harmonies. 

Lyrically Petals For Armor is an emotional masterpiece, exploring one’s femininity and individuality. Williams’ has always been a strong writer, going back to Paramore’s earliest bangers, this album presents even more of her heartfelt words. Tracks like ‘Sudden Desire’ and ‘Simmer’ show the range of her powerful voice which just adds to the feeling of the lyrics.  

With poetic lyrics and mixed genres, this album is one to fall in love with first listen. 


Savage Ga$p – The Long Halloween

Halloween may be over but don’t let it stop you from giving this album a listen. The American rapper released his first full length album earlier this fall with multiple collaborations. With chill and fun vibes, this is an exciting listen.

Musically the album ranges from the upbeat sounds of ‘Flipphone’ to the more unique sound of insinstrumentals in ‘boy, mt. silver.’ The mix of hyperpop with a moodier feel makes this album unique. The album’s title track ‘The Long Halloween’ offers smooth vocals from its feature Elise, which mix well with Gasp’s raspy rapping. 

The Long Halloween has fun collaborations within it. Marvy Ayy features on ‘Flipphone’ with both an awesome verse and producing. David Shawty has a part in the hardcore beats of ‘Nitemare Dance.’ There are even more features throughout the album with Freddie Dredd, Glaive, and more.

With a mix of more emotional lyrics to fun pop-culture references The Long Halloween is worth a listen.


UMI – Introspective

Following the release of her Love Language EP, Introspective was released over the summer. With mixes of acoustics, lofi, and R&B UMI mixes these sounds beautifully.

With soft and soothing vocals each track brings you into a relaxed state. Songs like ‘Open Up’ and ‘Where I Wander’ explore one’s emotional vulnerability. ‘Pretty Girl hi!’ brings a more joyful feel with it’s airy sounds. 

Musically, Umi mixes unique sounds together to make each track. ‘Broken Bottle’ mixes Umi’s soothing vocals with more of a hip-hop like beat. The track also includes more vocal effects that add to these hip-hop elements. ‘Open Up’ opens with effortless acoustics that mix into a smooth R&B sound.

Introspective is an album you can’t help but bob your head too. Each track takes you deeper into the music and Umi’s vocals pull you in further.  

Sources: Genius