Artist Spotlight: Flower Face


Paige Ferreira, Reporter

Ruby McKinnon, better known as Flower Face, is an alternative Indie artist. Creating music under the name beginning at the age of 14, she has been writing and producing from her bedroom. Her more recent releases, Baby Teeth and Fever Dreams were created with the help of outside production. With her soft vocals and moving lyrics, she is a small artist to keep an eye on. 

Baby Teeth was released in 2018, an album that follows the story of the emotional trauma of losing your first love. Flower Face always used the aspect of storytelling into her music, this album is no different. In an interview with Essentially Pop, Flower Face explains that the tracks are placed in chronological order, following the stages of post breakup. 

Flower Face describes her sound as dark, even the more upbeat songs have a certain darkness to it. April to Death is the perfect example of this. Flower Face describes it as a song about the disappointments in life, disguised with the sounds of an upbeat, pop song. She sings, “I’m alive but I don’t know where I am. Wanna leave but I don’t know if I can” over happy sounding acoustics. In her song Angela, she writes about lingering feelings. “I’m not in love anymore, anymore. But I will keep you close to me forever,” she sings. The song follows her thoughts of the love she lost and her hope to move on, “Your softness still haunts me. Someday I’ll find my way out of here.” 

Flower Face continues to work on her music to this day, updating listeners on her Instagram “flowerfacemusic.” You can find her on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud to listen!