Working in a Nursing Home during the Pandemic

Paige Ferreira, Reporter

Greentree Manor is a nursing home here in Waterford, because of the pandemic, it is in a complete lock down. Greentree has had no cases of the virus, but is still taking precautions. No visitors are allowed and even the staff have restrictions. Every morning before work, staff must have their temperature taken to avoid any chance of the virus entering. 

Everybody is working hard to make the building as safe as possible. All staff must wear masks, and any nurses, dietitians, or anyone having contact with the patients must wear gowns and shields as well. 

Luisa Ferreira works as a receptionist at Greentree and sees the inner workings of a nursing home during this time. She receives many calls from families trying to find a way to see their loved ones. “People do Skype and most visit through the windows.” She says that visitors may not be allowed in the building until September 9th. 

There have been positives as well. Families have been sending lunches for the healthcare workers and Lowes has even dropped off plants to multiple homes. Although it has been a very sad time for everyone many agencies have been dropping off things for the staff and healthcare workers. It can be very hard for the patients, families, and workers during this time, but it is important to be completely safe to reduce any risks.