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Alyson Lewis, Author

The year of 2022 was full of major concerts and tours from many big names in the music industry, artists such as Tyler the Creator, Harry Styles, Lizzo, BTS, Billie Eilish, and many more. Although 2022 was packed full with fun tours, 2023 arguably puts 2022’s line up to shame. With ongoing updates for the 2023 live music performances, it seems to be one of the most packed years for live performances since Covid hit. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2019 the US held around 40,000 concerts, but this year there will be close to 45,000. Whatever genre you prefer, there is a performance for you somewhere in 2023. Here are a few of the highly anticipated concerts offered throughout 2023:

Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” (March 17 through Aug. 9)
Ed Sheeran’s “Mathematics Tour” (May 6 through Sept. 23)
Katy Perry’s “Play” (May 6 through Sept. 23)
Morgan Wallen’s “One Night at a Time Tour” (April 14 through Oct. 7)
Luke Combs’ “World Tour” (March 25 through July 29)
Kane Brown’s “Drunk or Dreaming Tour” (March 16 through Aug. 3)
Carrie Underwood’s “Denim and Rhinestones Tour” (Runs Feb. 2 through Dec. 9)
Lizzo’s “Special 2our” (April 21 through June 2)
Arctic Monkeys’ “North American Tour 2023” (Aug. 25 through Oct. 1)
Paramore’s “In North America Tour” (Feb. 9 through Aug. 2)
Lizzy McAlpine (April 18 through June 11)
Noah Kahan “Stick Season” (March 31 through Sept. 30)
Ed Sheeran “The +–=÷x Tour” (May 6 through Sept. 23)
Paramore “The This Is Why tour” (May 23 through Aug. 2)
Beyoncé “The Renaissance tour” (July 8 through Sept 27)
Janet Jackson “The Together Again Tour” (April 14 through June 21)
Shania Twain “The Queen of Me tour” (April 28 through Nov.14)
Sabrina Carpenter “The Emails I Can’t Send tour” (March 16 through May 17)
Madonna “The Celebration Tour” (July 15 through Jan.8 2024)
Hayley Kiyoko “The Panorama tour” (April 27 through June 2)
Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks (March 10 through Nov.10)
Metallica “The M72 World Tour” (Aug.4 through Sept.29)
Charlie Puth “The “Charlie” Live Experience Tour” (May 24 through July 11)
Big Time Rush “The Can’t Get Enough tour” (June 22 through Aug.23)
Louis Tomlinson “The Faith in the Future World tour” (May 26 through July 29)
Arctic Monkeys “The Car Tour” (Aug.25 through Oct.1)

These are just a few of the concerts/tours happening in 2023. To say people are looking forward to them is an understatement. One of the biggest tours as of now is Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour,” income through ticket sales alone has been estimated to be about $620,000,000 and that’s just a low estimate from Celebrity Access. Taylor’s tour alone has broken records from the first day of presales, even presale registration broke records with over 3.5 million people registering and showing up to ticket sales. The first day of presale sold 2.4 million tickets, breaking the all-time record for the most concert tickets sold by an artist in a single day. Some students here at WHS have been lucky enough to secure tickets, one of those students includes senior, Marin Mahoney. Marin expressed major excitement towards the Eras tour stating, “OMG I’m most excited to wear my outfit and hear the surprise songs and just to see her in person ‘cause I never have before.” Many people are feeling this same excitement for many artist’s performances. Including another WHS student, Maddie Stewart, who will be attending many concerts this year. “In August I am going to Chris . But I’ve been to a few concerts already like Kenny Chesney, Luke Combs, and Carrie Underwood. I loved all of them so much even if I didn’t know all the music, it was nice to hear new music live. Live music always sounds better and more personal than just listening to it on the radio or on your phone. ” This overwhelming feeling of excitement takes over when you get to hear your favorite artists live. Keep an eye out for any announcements from some of your favorite musicians, 2023 is the year for tours and performances, you never know, you may be able to secure some tickets early and see your favorite artist live.

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