New Year Welcomes New Advisory

The new school year marks the beginning of a new focus on the Advisory period. This year there are a variety of activities, depending on the day of the week . For example, Mondays are club days, when kids can go to an advisory of their choice and enjoy different activities. Wednesdays, are World Wide Wednesday, when students discuss a particular event happening around the world and their opinions about it. During advisories on Thursdays, students are allowed to go to different teachers for help, if they have questions about their homework or are having trouble with a particular assignment.

Advisory is a time when students and teachers can come together, connect and enjoy their time together.  Though most students approve of the new Advisory schedule, some do not. Senior Adam Howard, for instance, stated, “I do not like the new advisories, they’re boring. We should be allowed to enjoy 20 minutes out of our day, besides lunch.”

The long-term success of the new format remains to be seen.

 By: Tricia Hauser