Hello Snow Days, Goodbye Summer Days

Tricia Hauser

As the year goes more deeply into winter, the snow continues to fall. Snow days may seem great now, but in the end, we are punished.  In order to make up missed days, we have to extend our school year into the summer. Some students may already have plans for their summer, which will have to change with all the snow days pushing back the end of the school year.

“I would rather have it snow on the weekend because we have missed five days of B days. The B day teachers are getting hit and we are hoping the new schedule this week and next week will create balance between the classes. We are worried about the graduation party, people who have graduation trips for their children, and college open houses. But, we can’t dwell on it now. We will have to see what happens in the spring and hope to see if it has a ripple effect,” said Principal Andrea Hauser.

Those students may have already made plans and would be upset if they had to change them. The summer is a time to relax and get away from school, and having more snow days is shortening this opportunity.

These conditions particularly affect seniors because they are anxious to graduate.

Senior Juanita Wilbur exclaims angrily, “ I hate snow with a passion and hope it all burns. It is messing up my B days because I’m finally caught up and now the new schedule is throwing me off again. I hate being ahead of other classes. I dont want to get out late like the seniors did last year. I want to work and not worry about school messing up my schedule like it does now.”

It may seem a relief from schoolwork now, but in the end it negatively impacts everyone: students, parents and staff.