The Beginning of a New Era

Mr. Hauser’s first days as principal have been nothing short of busy.

From getting to know students to meeting with administrators, there is always something to be done. Mr. Hauser greets the new school year with enthusiasm and originality. His days are spent focused on improving each student’s school experience.

One of Mr. Hauser’s core values as principal is increasing his faculty’s effectiveness and knowledge of technology. He has began to require teachers to exhibit the improvements they have made in this area.

“Every month at faculty meetings,  [each academic department] will hold a presentation on one thing they’ve learned,” said Mr. Hauser.

As a new principal, Mr. Hauser appreciates the teaching staff he has been given, stating that “this is a pretty well motivated group of teachers.”

Along with his staff, the students have also been enjoyable. Mr. Hauser stressed that he “has been very happy with the students here. Everyone says hi.”

A few challenges have arisen during his first weeks as principal. Some small problems, however, have appeared as a surprise. For one, the cafeteria has proved to be an issue as Mr. Hauser stated that “the cafeteria is incredibly crowded during certain lunch waves.”

An aspect of the school day that Mr. Hauser is aiming to change is advisory.

“I am currently working on making the advisory program more relevant,” stated Mr. Hauser.

Mr. Hauser summed up his first week as principal: “I think it went extremely well.”