Mr. Sherman’s Staff Profile


John Gomes, Editor

There have been great teachers here at WHS and to this day students admire and appreciate all the teachers for all their hard work they’ve done for them. Also for all  they have learned from the experiences of the teachers. If you ever wanted to know more about the California experience, colleges, and the cities. Then Mr. Sherman is your guy. Mr. Sherman is most definitely one of those teachers who everyone will forever appreciate getting to learn from. 

Douglas Sherman has been teaching here at Waterford High School for 23 years and wants to keep  working here because of how great the students are and for how the whole school system has treated him. Mr. Sherman said “My favorite thing about Waterford was the student body because I think I can really connect with the students and I really like the diversity of the students.” Mr. Sherman had brought up what he liked about the new school more than the old school, he said “I like how the school classrooms are designed, and I like the room I always teach on the second floor. I’ve really enjoyed it and want to continue doing that.” 

It’s been a while since Mr. Sherman was a teen student like most at WHS. Mr. Sherman explained about how he was in high school saying, “I was really concerned as a student about just socially surviving. I did okay, I did all right as a student, but school and academics were not my favorite thing. It wasn’t until I went to college and even after college when I got into graduate school that I started to understand what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. So I wasn’t really like the model student back when I was in high school.”

When Mr. Sherman was trying to find what he wanted to do for a long-term job back when he was young, he learned bits and pieces about his teachers in college. He explained, “When I was in college, I wanted to learn a lot from the teachers and what they wanted to put in their teaching so they could make their students successful. So when I started teaching, I wanted to try to empower, educate, and enlighten all of my students, so I could understand them more and help not just them but also myself to get to know all of my students personally.” He also said, “To do this job you really need and have to enjoy it because it’s not always easy working with students and mostly every student is different. But I would say I get along with my students because they are really good kids, and I can see that they really want to learn and want to be empowered and inspired to do anything they want to be in their futures.” 

Mr. Sherman has done a lot for the school for the past 23 years and he still wants to continue going forward teaching history, contemporary affairs, and civics. He stood up saying, ”Well since I’ve been teaching students Contemporary Affairs for years now. I’ve been researching a lot more on topics about contemporary affairs like climate change, racial equity, issues like teens and mental health. So some of the topics today that need to be explored even further. Economic topics I would really like to get into because it would give me and the students a lot of an understanding of how the future is being shaped for people.” 

There have been a lot of teachers that have a lot of great hobbies outside of their jobs. Mr. Sherman talked about his hobbies saying, “I’m into cooking a lot. I love going to the beach enjoying the nice warm sun and seeing the ocean when it’s during the summer. I love running, it’s one of the few things I’m really good at and consistent with as well. And I like doing a lot of hiking and exploring with my wife and family because I think it’s really enjoyable.”

There are not many like Mr. Sherman and the way he connects with the students here at Waterford High School. He makes everybody’s lives more happier, enjoyable, and more productive with his teachings. And it’s his ability to want to empower his students and drive his students to be more successful than he ever was growing up.