Family Runs In Turkey Trot Fundraiser

Family Runs In Turkey Trot Fundraiser

Alice Hanson, Reporter

On November 21, runners lined up at the starting line at Great Neck Elementary School for Waterford High School’s  Annual Turkey Trot. Among the mass of people were runners Trish Hanson and Glen Myers.

Trish chose to run the Turkey Trot because she likes to run 5ks and she has been working on having a faster time in races.  She also commented on the route of the race, “It’s a pretty good trail with a varied terrain. It was not too many hills, and no really big hills.”

Trish also plans to do this race again next year to support the senior class again. Her daughter, Alice Hanson, is a senior this year. Trish is a huge fan of Survivor so when she is running she imagines the host, Jeff Probst, yelling “Dip deep!”


Myers is also related to senior Alice Hanson because he is her step-father. He chose to run the Turkey Trot to support the Class of 2016. Myers mentioned that the reason he started running 5ks was because he watched his wife, Trish Hanson, start running and “[he] was amazed at her progress”.

Trish was his inspiration to start the process of getting in shape. Glen has no suggestions for next year, but he would love to run it again because the course was just right for his current endurance level. He also knows Jeannette Mooney, also in the senior class, who happened to win first place at the Turkey Trot for her age group.

Glen comments that his strategy is to “always do my best”. He always says to “Focus on finishing regardless of pace or where [you] place”.

His next race, besides other miscellaneous 5ks, is a half marathon in April with Trish’s sister, Jen Hanson.