WHS Boys Volleyball


Alyson Lewis, Author

A boys volleyball team has been mentioned at WHS. Many students have been mentioning this idea and many would love to see it in action. But there are some complications such as; coaching, when the season will start, will they have enough competitors, uniforms, practice locations, and players.

A lot of students support this idea of having a boys volleyball team, even some of the female volleyball players and coaches would love to see it happen. When asked her opinion on the idea, volleyball coach, Ms. Kobyluck says, “It would be an awesome opportunity. It would provide boys with more of a chance to play” and then proceeded to follow up by saying “Boys volleyball team would be really fun and awesome” Many people would love to see this happen, they believe it could be a great outlet for many male students who do not enjoy or do other sports such as football, baseball, soccer, basketball, cross country, and track. PE teacher and coach of the football team, Zeth Nolda, says, “I think there would be a high interest in having a boys’ team. I personally have had a lot of students bring it up.” As the PE teacher, he is surrounded by students and he holds the volleyball unit during gym classes, so he sees first hand students’ enjoyment.

It is believed that the boys season would be best in the spring, this way they can have the gym while other sports train and play outdoors. “Spring would be the best but then the boys will also have baseball but the baseball team doesn’t use the gym.” Volleyball player Olivia Marelli stated. Scheduling and practicing location is only one worry. The boys will need a coach if they were to make a team. This could be a very difficult task, Volleyball coach, Ms.Kobylock expressed her concern about finding a coach, she stated “Choosing a coach for the boys team would be tough, I don’t know any men or women that could coach”
Many people interviewed expressed the same concern, “I am not sure who would coach, that would be something our Admin / Athletic Director would be in charge of.”

A boys volleyball program is of interest to many male and female students, some student prior played volleyball down at Clark Lane, such as Kenji DesaiHe enjoys volleyball.:“ I really enjoy volleyball, both to play and to watch. I don’t play very often because the closest male teams are near Providence or northern Hartford, but every time I do, I remember how much I love it, and it would be really fun to start a program here.” He believes that a volleyball program for the male students will be a great idea and outlet for many.

WHS may get to see a future male volleyball program, there needs to be a lot of planning and talking within the school board and athletic department. Many hope to see this in the future, but time will only tell.