Featured Athlete: Rebecca Roarke

Emerson Lane, Sports Editor

What is your favorite moment with your team this season?

  • My favorite moment with my team is cheering at basketball games. Especially the East Lyme game even though we lost, it was really fun to stunt in front of the student section.

How is this season different from the last season?

  • This season is definitely not going as well as last season, our routine is not as strong and consistent as last year. This year the team is very new with people who have less experience compared to last year and it has been more teaching how to do the proper skills and techniques. 

What is your goal for your upcoming senior season?

  • My goal is hopefully to be a good leader and win ECC again. 

What has led you to playing this sport in high school?

  • I’ve cheered since I was in first grade so I continued to do it since then.

What is your favorite match/game/meet/competition? Why?

  • My favorite competition is New England’s last season because it was our last competition and we had a really solid performance. And this season I am looking forward to ECC the most because we’re hoping to win for the 5th time in a row and we like having ECC at Waterford because it’s fun for us to get to perform in our own gym. (Waterford did end up winning for the 5th time in a row).